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0422-100   Tripe White AA 30 Lb_edited_edited.png

Tripe White AA 30 Lb

0422-205   HoneyComb National 10 Lb.jpg

 Beef tripe Scalded

HoneyComb tripe 
10 Lb

0422-290   Pork al Pastor 20 lb_edited.jpg

Pork al Pastor
20 lb

0422-315   Beef Honeycomb 10 Lb Box_edited.png
0422-554   Winganza Buffalo Style Chicken Wings 20 Lb_edited.png
0423-099   Chorizo Bulk Fontanini 4-5 Lb_edited.png

Beef Honeycomb 10Lb Box

Winganza Buffalo Style Wings 20 Lb

Chorizo Bulk Fontanini
5 Lb

0423-104   Honeycomb_tripe AA 22LB_edited_edited.jpg

Honeycombwhite tripe AA 22LB

0423-105   4 oz_edited.png

Frozen Burger Patty

0423-106   3oz_edited_edited.png

Frozen Burger Patty


Bacon Kruse 18-22 15Lb

0423-109   Bacon Daily 18-20 15 lb_edited.png

Bacon Daily 18-20 15 lb

0423-415   Hormel Pork Carnitas_edited.png
0423-416   Del Real Beef-Barbacoa 4-5_edited.png
0423-417   Del Real Beef Tripas Precooked 20 lb.jpg

Hormel Pork Carnitas

 Del Real Beef Barbacoa 

  Del Real Beef Tripas Precooked 20 lb

0423-448   Chicken Wing Spicy 10 Pound_edited.png

Chicken Wing Spicy 10LB

0612-103    Blade Meat (Lifter Meat)_edited.png
0612-104   Trip-Tip Fat On USA-CAN_edited.png
0612-108   Chuck Roll Diced Choice Angus_edited.png
0612-113   Inside Skirt__edited.png

Blade Meat (Lifter Meat)

Fat On 
x lb

chuck Roll Diced
Choice Angus
x lb

beef inside skirt
x lb

0612-116   Chuck Roll_edited.png

chuck roll
x lb

0612-120   Beef Chank_edited.png

beef shank 
x lb

0612-122   Rose Meat (Suadero)_edited.png
0612-123   Beef Diced Carne Asada 40 Lb_edited.png

Rose Meat (Suadero)
x lb

Beef Diced Carne Asada
40 Lb

0612-129   Flap Meat Sukarne_edited.png
0612-149   Flap Meat Choice_edited.png
0612-179   Trip Tip Limpio_edited.png
0612-200   pork-cushion_edited.png

Flap Meat Su karne
x lb

Flap Meat Choice
x lb

tri tip
x lb

pork cushion
x lb

0612-203   Pork Stomach 30 lb_edited.png
0612-205   Pork Butt bone in_edited.jpg
0612-210   Pork Bellie Skin No meat 50 lb_edited.jpg
0612-332   BALL TIP Sirloin Roast_edited.png

Pork Stomach
30 lb

Pork Butt bone in
x lb


Bellie Skin No meat

 BALL TIP Sirloin Roast

0622-005   Beef Tongue Harris_edited.png
0622-101   beef tendons_edited.png
0622-109   Trip Tip Choice_edited.png

Beef Tongue Harris
x lb

beef tendons 
x lb

 Trip Tip Choice

0622-110   Beef Tongue_edited.png

Beef Tongue
x lb

0622-112   Beef Cheek Meat_edited.png
0622-203   Pork Sparerib Med_edited.png
0622-204   Pork Butt Boneless_edited.png

Beef Cheek harris
x lb

Pork Sparerib Med
x lb

Pork Butt Boneless

0622-209   Chuck Roll Harris Ranch_edited.png

Chuck Roll Harris
x lb 

0622-259   New York Strip Steak_edited.png

New York Strip Steak

0622-278   Beef Short ribs_edited.png

Beef Short ribs

0622-299   Top Round Steak_Boneless_edited.png

Top Round Steak

0622-371   Diced Chuck Roll 40 lb_edited.png

Diced Chuck Roll 40 lb

0622-372   Diced Shoulder Cloud 40 lb_edited.png

Diced Shoulder Cloud 40 lb

0622-440   Beef Neck Meat_edited.png

Beef Neck Meat

0622-441   Shoulder Clod IBP.jpg

Shoulder Clod IBP

0622-499   Beef Intestins_edited.png

Beef Intestines

0622-771   beef cheeks 60 Lb_edited.jpg

beef cheeks
60 Lb

0822-102   Chicken Drumsticks_edited.png

Chicken Drumsticks

0822-102   Whole Chicken Wog 3_edited.png

Whole Chicken Wog 3.5

0822-201   Game Hens_edited.jpg

Game Hens

0822-441   Chicken Leg Meat Boneless-Skinless_edited.png
0823-103   Chicken Breast 40lb_2_edited.png
0823-104   Chicken Breast 6oz_edited.jpg
0823-105   Quails_edited.png

Chicken Leg Meat Boneless

Chicken Breast 40lb

Chicken Breast


0823-107   Chicken Tender Clipped 4-10 lb_edited.png
0823-110   Chicken Breast Bone In 40LB_edited.png
Buffalo Wings 20 lb.jpg

Chicken Tender Clipped
10 lb

Chicken Breast Bone In 40LB

Buffalo Wings 15 Lb

0823-206   Chicken Patty Breaded_edited.

Chicken Patty Breaded

0823-401   Chicken Thigh Meat.jpg
0823-442   Chicken tight Boneless_edited.png
7016   Pork-chorizo DFel Real 3-5 Lb_edited.jpg

Chicken Thigh Meat

Chicken tight Boneless

chorizo Del Real
3-5 Lb

beef brain

Back Ribs_edited.png
Beef Lips_edited.png
Beef liver_edited.png

pork baby back ribs

beef lips

beef liver

Beef Oxtail_edited.jpg

beef oxtail

Chicken Leg Quarter 40 Lb_edited.jpg

beef feet cut up

Chicken Leg Quarter

Choice Tri Tip Sirloin Steak_edited.png

Choice Tri Tip Sirloin Steak

Flank Steak_edited.png

beef flank steak

Ground Beef_edited.png

ground beef

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